Gionee A1: Smart updates for a smarter experience

At Gionee, we always aim to make your smartphone experience, a smarter one. With our latest OTA updates, we’ve attempted to make our latest flagship, the Gionee A1, a smarter phone.


Bokeh effect – Stay in the focus
The Gionee A1 has always given on-the-go photographers the opportunity to click high quality pictures and selfies. One of the most recent additions to the arsenal, so to speak, of features is the Bokeh effect.
It is well known that photography is as much about the moment as it is about the combination of skill and technology. And the Bokeh effect is the perfect example of the combination of these factors. Inspired by a Japanese term, the Bokeh effect accentuates the focus effect on the object by blurring out the surroundings or background. The aesthetic quality of the blur gives the object in the pictures and selfies a sharper look, making them stand out.
Earlier restricted to expensive DSLRs, this effect is now available on the Gionee A1, to ensure A1 clicks, every time. Coupled with the 16 MP camera and 5P lens, you’re surely in for a treat with the Bokeh effect in our latest update.


Your phone – In your mother tongue.
That one is most comfortable interacting in one’s mother tongue is no big revelation. Be it with people or devices, the language one is most familiar with is also the one they are most fluent and ‘at ease’ with. Running on Android Nougat, the latest version of Android, the A1 already gave users the freedom to customize their phone as per their convenience. With the latest update, the A1 has now become even more user-friendly by giving as many as 11 regional languages as options to operate the smartphone.
So whether you speak Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Telegu, Hindi, Malayalam, English and Gujarati, if you have your words, the A1 has the means to make them come alive. In a country where more than 50% of the population is comfortable speaking and writing in their native languages, the Gionee A1 has made an effort towards making the smartphone experience better.


So there you have it, a newer, better version of the super phone – Gionee A1. Experience one today, and get ready to express yourself in more ways than you have ever imagined.

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  1. Battery backup is very bad.. … And the camera is not 16 mp, i think that is 5 mp camera

  2. I am using A1 and i am missing one great function which almost all the phones have
    App Lock function (fingerprint) is not there so i request you to kindly add this function in your next update

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