Selfie Phone

Selfies have become an important part of people’s expression. Every selfie lover wants a selfie phone that has enough power to stay on right from the ‘out of bed’ selfie till the ‘back in bed’ selfie. And while people love to document every important moment in a selfie, their smartphone often tends to run out of battery by the end of the day. They probably don’t realise it but selfies consume a lot of the battery. Here’s why battery matters as much as camera when it comes to buying a selfie mobile!

Because there are multiple takes before you get the perfect shot
Selfie lovers take several selfies before perhaps one or maybe none make the cut. There are several angles, different lightings, various poses & smiles before one selfie gets selected for sharing. Button-happy that they are, they probably don’t realise how much battery they’re consuming through the day in this process.

Best Battery Smartphone

Because it’s the age of creating instant Online Stories
There are live stories on almost every social network from Snapchat & Instagram to Facebook & WhatsApp. And everyone loves uploading stories for their friends & followers to see. This process not only exhausts battery from the phone while shooting the story but also while uploading it online.

Best Battery Life Smartphone

Because all the favourite apps should always be running
Everyone knows about a selfie lover’s attachment to their social media apps but not everyone (including the selfie lover) knows that most of these apps have rather high power consumption and are instrumental in draining the phone of its battery.

Best Selfie Phone

Because Selfie Wallpapers need to look brighter every time
Yes, you read right. Even selfie wallpapers consume battery because bright and colourful screens may look beautiful but every bright pixel produces bright light which requires more energy as a result.

Selfie Mobile

But at Gionee, we understand how important your selfies and battery backup are for you. That is why we have the best selfie phone and the best battery backup phone rolled into one, the A1. Click more. Do more. And enjoy more!