Selfie Smartphone

Selfies are no longer about just clicking a picture of yourself with the front camera. In today’s day & age, selfies are nothing short of masterpieces and taking selfies is no less than an art. That’s why Gionee’s A1 smartphone was crafted to get you more likes, loves & tons of compliments. Don’t believe us? Check out the smart selfie phone for yourself!

Colour it with Real Time Filters
So you love adding filters to your selfies for that throwback vintage tint or a gothic noir hue? Till now, you’d been clicking selfies, opening them on social media, going through multiple filters and then comparing the look with different filters on, before finalizing on one…Phew! Well, the good news is that with the A1, you don’t have to rely on apps for filters anymore! This selfie smartphone comes with real-time filters that you can choose from while clicking the picture itself!

Best Selfie Phone

Say more, show more with GIFs
Static selfies are passé! Why say less when you can say so much more with a GIF. Capture many moods, different looks & tons of expressions and show your love, madness and fun side to friends, family and everyone else! GIF selfies have a nice tinge of liveliness that’s sure to get you those hearts & thumbs-ups!

Best Selfie Camera Phone

Look perfect always with Face Beauty
Candid or posed, funny or sensuous, crazy or romantic, your selfie will always be perfectly flattering with the Gionee A1. Its Beautify feature can make your face look slimmer, spotless, smoother and basically spectacular. Always. Cover your flaws and flaunt your style with the feature.

Best Smartphone for Selfies

Express yourself with Mood Photo
What’s a selfie without a nice little caption context! Give your selfies the polaroid pin-up look and let the world know what you’re feeling with the Mood Photo feature that lets you write artistic captions and brings out the moody writer in you.

Best Phone for Selfies
Capture more in less with Time Lapse
With this awesome feature, time literally flies! When you want to flaunt your multi-tasking skills to your friends or show how over-worked you are to your boss, Time Lapse is the feature for you! Do lots, show lots in less time.

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