Best Camera Smartphone

Travelling has always been about seizing the day, making the most of every moment and keeping those memories with you for a lifetime. In this context, taking pictures is one of the best ways of keeping memories intact, with the added benefit of reliving them in vivid detail whenever one wishes to! Patrons of photography swear by DSLRs, but in the modern age, smartphones have given a viable and, more importantly, portable option to the bulky professional cameras.

Talking of smartphone cameras, our latest selfie smartphone, the Gionee A1, is a stunner in that department in terms of both the rear and front cameras. Some might even say that it’s the best camera smartphone, but we’ll not get ahead of ourselves! Let’s begin with the rear camera – which has truly replaced the DSLR in many aspects.

Ramped-up rear cam
The Gionee A1 smartphone’s rear camera is a 13 MP shooter that comprises a 5P lens with f2.0 aperture. This allows 10% more light to enter the lens, compared to regular camera smartphones; resulting in sharper pictures. There are also a slew of automatic and manual modes to choose from, for that perfect click.
This gives you the freedom to either click pictures the way you want, or customize it the way you would on a professional camera. Another way to look at it is that you can either be ‘in the moment’ and click away with the auto mode, or choose to really make the click an amazing one.

Best Phone For Selfies

Let’s take it up a notch
There are many interesting photo formats including filters and the panorama mode which makes every click encapsulate the moment in the best possible manner. A bright LED flash ensures high quality clicks while you’re out for a late evening stroll or are exploring destinations in low light conditions.
The camera features Night mode and professional mode for still pictures, along with time lapse and slow motion in the video department. You can even create GIFs of your clicks!

Best Selfie Smartphone

What about yourself(ie)
Going back to ‘being in the moment’, selfies are increasingly becoming a way of one’s expression not only on social media, but in pictures as well. Soaking in the sights and sounds is one thing, but capturing moments of yourself in that surrounding is also a very precious memory. And to help you create those memories in the best possible details is the front 16MP camera which also houses the 5P lens with f2.0 aperture. There’s also the Selfie Flash which ensures awesome clicks during the night, so you can capture amazing experience even when there’s very little light. Simply put, the Gionee A1 smartphone convincingly stakes a claim as the best smartphone for selfies.

Mobile with Best Camera

Bokeh is beautiful
The front snapper also makes sure you look your best with the Face Beauty functionality. And with the latest update, the front camera also gets the coveted Bokeh feature. This puts all the focus on your face and blurs away the background, resulting in stunning selfie portraits.
All in all, the Gionee A1 makes for a worthy travel companion and definitely stakes a claim to be a part of the to-do list of every traveler.