5 Reasons to get a 4G Smartphone

4G Mobile4G connectivity is the only way out for the high-speed data fans of today, especially those who consume data 24×7 on their mobiles and like to remain connected with the world at all times. 4G connectivity has completely changed the user experience in more ways that we realize and has revolutionized the way we interact with the world.

Here’s why upgrading to 4G mobiles has become a need more than a desire.


4G mobile phones has several advantages which makes operating an account simple and convenient. It allows you to conduct various transactions using the bank’s website at a top notch speed which through 4G is available all the time, i.e. 24×7. 4G connectivity makes it quite convenient to pay your bills, transfer funds between accounts, etc. A 4G smartphone allows you to perform your tasks from anywhere and at any time; even in night when the bank is closed or on holidays. With a Gionee 4G smartphone you do not have to stand in a queue anymore to pay off your bills.

4G Mobile Phones



Watching a movie on a 4G mobile is as simple as a few clicks, and some momentary loading, the need to run to the store for a rental is all but eliminated. The efficiency brought about by 4G smartphone cannot be denied as it has the ability to ease the way you live by providing quick access to entertainment. The high speed 4G compatible smartphones download data almost 8 times faster than 3G. So the biggest advantage for people who watch videos online is that they don’t have to face buffering issues during playback on 4G mobile phones. Gionee’s 4G smartphones ensure you get seamlessly enjoyable entertainment.


These days most of us have adapted to carrying around a portal to the office in our pockets. The arrival of 4G has made it possible to carry out all manner of online activity. A 4G enabled smartphone makes it possible to download or upload huge data files and video conferencing. 4G has made life easier for workers whose job already takes them on the road. Even as Gionee’s 4G smartphone keeps us connected more closely to our work, it will also plug us into our play. Whether you enjoy listening to music or engaging in multi-player computer combat, 4G can make that a seamless mobile experience via delay-free access to gaming servers.


The biggest jump in how we access information and interact with the world has been changed by 4G connectivity. Chatting with your friends has become easier to do with your 4G mobiles which helps you access all social media platforms at a great speed. Since the data speed of a 4G smartphone is much more than a 3G phone, using multiple data-requiring apps is a lot easier & faster. You can check your e-mail, share high resolution pictures or videos with your buddies without any lag with the help of 4G mobiles.

4G Smartphones


4G smartphones has brought search, maps, and informational apps to the finger-tips of their owners. The efficiency brought about by 4G mobiles in India cannot be denied as it has massively made our journey easier and help us locate addresses that one is not familiar with. It has also become more convenient to jump on a shopping website to find a product with the presence of 4G. Searching for information on Google is just a mere seconds away with the help of 4G connectivity. Gionee’s 4G smartphones are designed to make your life faster & simpler.

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