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Nougat & Amigo – Best Friends for Best Experience


New & Next-Gen. That’s Nougat for you. Android’s seventh and sweetest version so far is the talk of the town for its extremely efficient, effortless & exciting experience. Continue reading

Why big battery is a must for selfie lovers

Selfie Phone

Selfies have become an important part of people’s expression. Every selfie lover wants a selfie phone that has enough power to stay on right from the ‘out of bed’ selfie till the ‘back in bed’ selfie. Continue reading

Five ways Gionee A1 jazzes up every Selfie

Gionee A1 Selfie Phone

Selfies are no longer about just clicking a picture of yourself with the front camera. In today’s day & age, selfies are nothing short of masterpieces and taking selfies is no less than an art. Continue reading

How to choose the best selfie smartphone

Selfie Smartphone
Everyone loves taking selfies. From youngsters to elders, from celebrities like Alia Bhatt to cricketers Virat Kohli, everyone captures their unique essence in selfies. Continue reading

5 Reasons to get a 4G Smartphone

4G Smartphones in India4G connectivity is the only way out for the high-speed data fans of today, especially those who consume data 24×7 on their mobiles and like to remain connected with the world at all times. Continue reading