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Research and Development at Gionee

Technology is the strength of an enterprise and the key to sharpening the competitive edge. Gionee has been adhering to the strategy of independent R&D and innovation since the time of its inception. Today, Gionee’s R&D system comprises six professional R&D organs namely – Application R&D Institute, Smartphone R&D Institute, Overseas BU R&D Institute, CDMA R&D Institute, GOSO R&D Institute and AORA R&D Institute.

Gionee Application R&D Institute (ARDI)

Gionee ARDI was established in April 2004. It specializes in planning, interaction design and software application integration, ID structural design and testing as well as research work for software and hardware for mobile devices.

Gionee Smartphone R&D Institute (SRDI)

Gionee SRDI was established in May 2001 and is responsible for Gionee’s smartphone product research and debugging support, wireless internet operations, cutting-edge technology accumulation, innovation and other works in conjunction with AORA.

Gionee Overseas BU R&D Institute (OBURDI)

Gionee OBURDI was established in May 2010 and has over 170 employees, with products being sold in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and several others. The monthly sales volume currently exceeds 700K, ranking first in overseas marketing development. OBURDI is one of the chief long-term objectives of Gionee.

CDMA R&D Institute

CDMA Business Division is responsible for R&D and sales of CDMA mobile phones, including CDMA/EVDO, feature phones and smartphones. The division caters to both higher-end and lower-end needs, as well as social open channels and telecom customization channels.

GOSO R&D Institute

Founded in 2010, the business of GOSO Science and Technology has been developed and based on the new generation of mobile communication terminal equipment, including R&D of the new generation of smart mobile phones, mobile internet and smart cloud computing solutions, 3G data communication card, 3G communication modules etc.

AORA R&D Institute

AORA focuses on the development of mobile phone application software and operation of hotspot Mobile Internet Business. ‘E series’ products are created for users as well as phone stores and wireless internet application services. AORA adheres to the guidelines set by market demand, integration of traditional internet, mobile internet resources and channels, in close cooperation with operators, terminal manufacturers, independent CP. It provides consumers with simple and practical mobile phone applications, to build a new platform for the wireless internet era.

Gionee has persisted in independent R&D by establishing professional R&D Centres in cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou, ensuring an outstanding R&D performance.